Loans for companies – current financing options to choose from

Compare conditions and pay attention to suitable credit

Most portals on the subject of credit deal almost exclusively with financing for private individuals. The self-employed, freelancers, companies and medium to large companies also frequently require financing, by means of which certain projects can be realized. It is therefore important for these groups to know which financing options are currently available on the financial market.

What do companies need capital for?

What do companies need capital for?

There are a number of occasions when entrepreneurs in the form of self-employed or freelancers and businesses need capital. For example, replacement investments have to be made, new buildings are to be bought or leased, the vehicle fleet is to be expanded or additional employees are to be hired. Companies can not always finance these expenditures with equity, so financing is necessary.

Basically, there are several ways in which companies can raise capital, but among other things, it depends on the size and financial strength of the respective company. Options include the following options when companies need fresh capital:

  • IPO (issue of shares)
  • Issue a bond
  • bank loan
  • Crowdlending (project financing via platform)

Basically, the first two options, ie going public or issuing bonds, are only suitable for relatively large companies, because both are a relatively expensive affair. Bank loans and, above all, crowdfunding and crowdlending are available to almost all companies and can even be used by freelancers and sole proprietors or the self-employed.

Property financing as a frequent financing option

Property financing as a frequent financing option

If we take a look at the purpose for which companies need capital, then the focus is on acquisition or investment, namely the acquisition of objects. These objects are usually used to maintain the business, because of course, a company needs a certain equipment, for example, to produce goods or services to offer. Object financing is particularly useful if one of the following acquisitions or investments is to be made:

  • Extension of vehicle fleet (car or truck)
  • Buy commercial property
  • Purchase of new machines
  • Acquisition or extension of office furniture
  • Purchase of commercial vehicles

In all these cases, so-called object financing is available, which banks offer to their commercial customers. For example, the expansion of the vehicle fleet can be realized through special fleet financing, for example when new trucks or even passenger cars have to be purchased. Another financing alternative, which also falls into the area of ​​property financing, is truck leasing on the one hand and machinery leasing on the other.

In addition, there are other forms of financing in this segment, such as:

  • developers funding
  • Hire purchase machines
  • Company car leasing

Different loan types for businesses

Irrespective of whether you, as the owner of a company, need capital as part of a project financing or other investments need to be financed, banks have different types of loans. In addition, some lenders also offer the option of leasing or factoring, often through partner companies. Often, the following types of loans are available within the scope of a commercial financing, each of which is geared to a specific purpose:

  • corporate credit
  • Working capital loans
  • investment loan
  • Goods financing credit
  • bridging loan
  • Shopping credit
  • overdraft
  • Sale-and-lease-back

The easiest loan for companies is certainly the current account loan, because this is a promised line of credit on the business account. Of course, overdrafts are of course not suitable for financing larger purchases, but rather serve to bridge short-term liquidity shortages. For example, if companies want to expand their vehicle fleet or renovate their office furniture, then the company loan is particularly suitable. This is a kind of installment loan, as it is also known in the private customer sector. Some banks do not offer this loan under the name of corporate credit, but call it, for example, corporate credit or commercial credit.

Relatively often, companies from the trading and manufacturing industries use a working capital loan. This is used to pre-finance the purchase or production of goods, because of course, income will only flow after the goods have been sold. A similar loan in the corporate sector is the bridging loan, as it is also about bridging a certain period of time until revenue can be generated.

Special forms of financing for companies

In addition to these classic commercial loans, there are a number of special financing options that can be of benefit to companies. Mention should be made here, for example, of the credit for business succession, which is always used when a part of the company is taken over by a successor or the entire company changes hands. The start-up loan is certainly also one of the special loan options, as it is primarily about the self-employed, freelancers or companies can finance the investments that are necessary in the context of a foundation.

Compare conditions and pay attention to suitable credit

As there are many loans available on the market that fall into the wider commercial loan market, it is all the more important for loan seekers to make a detailed comparison. When comparing the offers should not only on the conditions, in particular the interest rate and the form of the eradication, be respected, but at least as important is that you decide on the appropriate loan type.

For example, the interest differential between, for example, a current account credit and a traditional company loan is often more than five percent. By comparison, it is possible at this point to save some costs. In addition, special corporate loans are geared exactly to the respective purpose and therefore serve as an optimal financing alternative.  

What documents are required for the loan application?

What documents are required for the loan application?

Regardless of whether you, as the owner of a company, wish to complete the financing online or at a bank branch, some documents are always required. In addition to your personal credit rating, the key is that the bank can view the business figures and assess whether the company is likely to be able to repay the loan. The classic documents used to assess the creditworthiness of a company or self-employed include in particular:

  • balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Business evaluation (for self-employed)
  • Business plan (when setting up a business)
  • List of assets (investment forms)
  • Annual report
  • forecasts

Of course, what documents you need in detail depends on the particular lender and also on the form of the loan. In conclusion, it is important to note that banks provide some financing options to traders, such as the self-employed, the self-employed, and the business, so finding suitable finance is relatively easy.

Apply for low-income loan – the best provider?

 Credit for low-income earners

There is hardly a human being who does not have any wishes that ultimately can only be met with money. Since only the fewest high amounts of money are available right away, it is usually thought about a loan. The granting of a loan is subject to many conditions and, above all, low-income earners hardly see a chance to get a loan. There are now many providers that provide a loan for low-income earners.

Important about the best loan offer for low earners

  • Particularly low annual interest rates from 2.99 percent 
  • Loan already possible from 2,500 euros
  • Flexible terms
  • No processing fee

At ING-DiBa, borrowers can save

What makes a loan for low-income earners?

The low income group includes, for example, students or the unemployed. These are usually not taken into account when lending. A regular income at a certain level is expected to be guaranteed to be repaid. However, there are some providers and banks that offer loans specifically geared towards low-income earners. Such a loan usually differs in its terms from a classic loan. Most interest rates are higher than those of a client with sufficient income. The terms are usually limited to a maximum of 36 months and the maximum loan amount is usually 3,000 euros. A positive Private credit rating is also one of the requirements for a loan approval.

Anyone who chooses to take advantage of a low-income loan should, if possible, refrain from arranging long-term loans. Customers who commit themselves for several years run a greater risk of being able to serve the rates at some point. Usually you can not plan in advance and there is always the possibility that, for example, you lose the job or unforeseen financial burdens on you.

The test winner will be introduced

Metabank was founded back in 1965. The company operates as a public limited company and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Originally, the company focused on savings and asset accumulation of its customers. In the meantime, numerous loan offers are also included. These include, for example, the general loan, the installment loan, car loans and a residential loan. Of course, customers will also find numerous insurance offers, cards and opportunities for investments.

Credit for low earners in comparison: Metabank scores!

According to our research, Metabank has a very favorable credit for low earners. Borrowers can already borrow up to 2,500 euros. The terms are very flexible and are between 12 months and 96 months. Here, however, as already mentioned, it is advisable not to commit too long to the loan. Of course, the amount of the APR is particularly important for a loan. Metabank already offers interest rates starting at 2.99 per cent per annum and thus operates in an absolutely low framework.

Our test winner offers the cheap loan offer for example for the purchase of a car. Who wants to use the attractive installment loan for low-income earners, has an effective annual interest rate of 3.79 percent. The advantage: the installment loan can be used without specifying the intended purpose.

Our conclusion: Good conditions even for low-income earners

The company can convince above all with its low annual interest rate and the fact that also amounts of money from 2,500 euros can be borrowed.
The bank is also convinced of its unbeatable offer and offers a low-interest-rate guarantee.

Apply for loan online: For comparison with 41 providers

 Apply for credit online

The Internet makes it possible that it is no longer necessary to apply for a loan directly from the bank.

This is now online. However, a good comparison can not hurt.

  • Interest rates can be saved with an online loan comparison
  • Loans without a Schufa query are also available online
  • Also when online application documents must be sent
  • Online there are not only classic loans but also mortgage lending

What should be considered when making an online loan application?

Long discussions with the bank adviser, the difficulty of finding a suitable date and perhaps also the way to different banks are now a thing of the past. If you need money today, you can simply apply for a loan online. Many large banks are now offering this service, and with increasing interest from borrowers, the number of small lenders has also increased. But what really matters when applying for a loan on the internet?

Who wants to apply for a loan on the Internet, should pay attention to some important points:

1. Seriousness in the foreground

Not all credit providers on the Internet are serious. Some lenders take high interest rates or tie customers to contracts that make it hard for them to get out. Also processing fees are often required, although this is no longer allowed. A comparison of the individual providers can help to recognize serious offers.

2. Keep an eye on costs

Basically, an online loan costs no more than the credit at the bank. Again, the legal requirement that processing fees may not be charged. An important clue is interest rates. These can vary greatly with the individual providers. A comparison of the providers provides an objective picture. However, the interest rates are also dependent on your own creditworthiness and can therefore still be adjusted.

3. Select the loan type

Unlike the application in the bank there is no direct online consultation for the customer. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what loan it should be. There are special car or residential loans but also general loans. Partly, the types of loans differ in terms of their terms, interest rates and also the amounts available. If you invest a little time and see the possibilities at a glance, it is easier to find the right loan.

The difference to the branch loan

Applying for a loan online does not just mean saving your way to the bank. Of course, there are above all the possibilities of not having to leave the house and being able to apply for a loan at any time of the day. However, there is another point that is particularly important: Often the interest rates are cheaper online. This is related to the missing consultant. With the online loan, lenders save the cost of personal advisor and can offer more favorable terms. For this it is necessary to invest more time to find the right loan. The procedure for the application is then usually similar.

  1. The desired loan amount is specified
  2. A non-binding offer will be made available
  3. When applying, the personal details are entered
  4. After giving the personal details, there is a binding offer
  5. Necessary documents, such as the legitimacy and the proof of income as well as the credit agreement, must be sent in the original to the lender
  6. After successful examination the money is paid out

The fast credit calculation with BestCredit

Recommendation on the subject: A reputable and popular comparison for loans or loans can also be found on On this portal you will find detailed information about installment loans, instant loans, auto loans, small loans, personal loans and loans. After comparing numerous loans, you can apply for the desired loan there . Furthermore, the local credit comparison offers an immediate promise with payment promise.

Also, an online loan is not transferred directly to the account but takes a few days until approval.

The SWK Bank also offers online loans

Conclusion: Applying for a loan online has many advantages

Applying for an online loan is a good alternative to the classic branch loan. An objective credit comparison helps to find the cheapest provider. In addition, you save the way to the bank branch and can apply for the loan at any time of the day.

Zero Financing Car 2019 – Online loan as an alternative

0% financing car

Promotional slogans claiming “0% financing” are reaching out to consumers in all sorts of places, with auto dealers, furniture stores and electronics stores offering product purchases with interest-free financing, which used to be part of short-term promotions and is a constant source of hope At a bargain, these advertising measures serve primarily to increase sales!

The 0 Financing Car offers numerous dealers for new and used cars. Car buyers should be moved faster to the purchase. It should be clear to any enlightened consumer that cars with zero-percent financing are not given, and caution of hidden costs is advised.

  • 0% financing for car, furniture & electrical appliances
  • Apparent bargain is expensive due to hidden costs
  • Waiver of special conditions & higher discounts
  • Car loan as an alternative to the 0 financing car

1. What lies behind the promise of “zero-percent financing”?

Anyone who buys a product through a “zero-percent financing” will take out a loan from a financial institution that cooperates with the merchant, which is a normal consumer loan or a fixed-rate installment loan with constant installments. The special feature is that it does not include an interest charge on the borrower In the course of the loan payment, the purchase price for the goods is paid directly to the merchant.The installments are paid by the customer to the bank.

2. Who has an advantage from this business?

For dealers, this financing opportunity is an opportunity to increase sales. The business is usually worthwhile even if they pay the customer a fee for financing to the bank. Customers should not expect a gift from their dealer, as this also includes hidden costs in its pricing. The overall economy benefits from stronger consumer demand, so this financing solution is quite intentional.

Credit institutions do not pay interest on such financing, in return they gain new customers. You get access to customer data without spending money on advertising. Due to the lending business, the bank gets to know the customer better, so that suitable offers lead to follow-up contracts.

2.1 What are the advantages and disadvantages for consumers?


  • Acquisitions are possible despite the lack of equity without additional costs.
  • Savings are not required.
  • High-yielding capital does not have to be used.
  • Temporary financial bottlenecks can be bridged.


  • With a zero-percent financing, the goods are not automatically purchased cheap. Compared to other providers, it can be significantly more expensive.
  • Purchase price negotiations can be limited. There are no major discounts or cash rebates.
  • The temptations to rash consumption are high through financing offers without interest. There is a great danger of overestimating your own financial resources or making unnecessary purchases.
  • The advertising promises the consumer that he can easily afford the product.

The small installments that can be achieved over a long period of time cause the real purchase price to fade into the background. Nevertheless, there is a risk of losing sight of the monthly obligations. The conclusion of a zero-percent financing is unbureaucratically possible, often done quickly and thoughtlessly. Employees pursue their own interests in the financing, because in the event of success, a commission beckons. It can be assumed that most salespeople have no training as bankers and are only able to provide information on the specific features and risks of borrowing to a limited extent.

A comparison can save you money

A comparison can save you money

3. So expensive or cheap can be the interest-free car loan

Many dealers promise with a 0 financing car a car purchase at no extra cost. Customers see benefits in interest-free loans primarily, but lurk some cost traps. Offers of cheap car financing in the context of customer advertising prove to be a great advantage for dealers. Any conventional installment loan incurs interest rates which are usually unfavorable for consumers with a rather average credit rating. Is there anything cheaper than a loan with zero percent interest?

Many vehicle dealers therefore advertise with a 0 financing car. The basis for this are agreements with banks, which contain special conditions and benefit the car buyers.

Ideally, all stakeholders should take advantage. The dealer benefits from the car sales, the buyer receives a financing for free and the bank secures a new customer. In reality, desire and reality rarely match. There must be a catch in the zero-percent financing, ask potential car buyers.

In advertising, the interest-free car loan tempting consumers. In reality, it can often be said that these are apparent savings, because elsewhere there are significant additional costs.

4. Zero financing car can be associated with costs

At the moment, market interest rates are low. That’s no reason for a bank to lend money for free. How the money houses use the money of the customers, becomes clear when looking at the discretionary interest rates and credit-related loan interest rates. If a car dealer agrees with his partner bank on a zero-percent financing, he has to expect certain costs. Even if these costs are very low, he will pass them on to the customer.

About the car price, this is usually done by the cost of financing without loan interest on it. This makes the car loan interest-free, but the car costs more than it would have to.

Tip: Definitely recommended is a comparison of different financing offers. On the one hand, the prospective buyer gains an overview of the prices of comparable vehicle models. On the other hand, he familiarizes himself with the final price of different financing models. Those who refrain from this, with a tempting offer such as the free loan with nasty surprises. In the worst case, the financing option can turn out to be expensive rip-off.

5. Several contracts for a car

Fees are often used to pass hidden costs on to the buyer. For example, fees are charged for processing the car purchase. The loan agreement and the purchase contract for the car are two legally different contracts.

The loan agreement on the 0 financing car is completed with the bank. It does not matter that he was signed in the dealership. The purchase contract is not part of the credit agreement, but it is completely detached from it. The contract has as a partner customer and dealer.

This gives the seller the chance to take account of costs incurred. By charging fees for services provided, the costs of the interest-free loan offer can be covered. This is a typical fact in zero percent financing. All that matters here is that no interest or fees are directly linked to the conclusion of the loan agreement. With a 0 financing car, the likelihood is high that this financing model compared to the online loan or car loan is not necessarily cheaper.

6. Additional hidden costs can exist

Not infrequently, cheap deals prove to be a sham or they are at least unfavorable compared to competitive offers. Thus, certain contractual details on the expiry of the installment may have a negative impact. Often, sellers use the opportunity to persuade the customer to purchase additional services.

Credit Insurance : It is often used by sellers of zero-percent financing opportunity to recommend the insurance to the borrower. Often it is a residual debt insurance, which protects the borrower in the event of illness, unemployment or death in whole or in part. This insurance is usually expensive and only provides the desired protection in certain cases. If you want to take out credit insurance, you should include it in the total cost of your auto finance.

Credit Account: It happens that the bank settles the loan transaction, including repayment, via a separate credit account, for which extra account maintenance fees are charged. The account will be charged default interest if the loan installments are not paid in accordance with the contract. This variable interest rate depends on the market requirements and can well be higher than the interest rate on the credit line.

Credit Card: Finance providers and car dealers are inventive when it comes to making extra money. So it happens that there is a credit card with credit limit for auto financing. As soon as the credit card is used, interest is due. The 0 percent offer is for car financing only and does not apply to the credit card. If the credit card is billed via the credit account, additional payments to the account are necessary when the card is used. The monthly installments cover the obligations of the credit agreement, credit card transactions must be additionally compensated.

Final Payment: The financing contract may be designed in such a way that the monthly installments do not lead to the complete repayment of the zero-percent financing until the end of the term. It is therefore necessary to check whether a substantial final amount remains at the end of the monthly installment. Partly, the repayment of this final installment via an extra framework loan agreement with high interest rates. The financing of the car at 0 percent interest then applies for the term of the car loan, except the final installment.

All ING-DiBa products can also be viewed and completed on the internet

7. What to consider before completing the 0 financing car

The conclusion of a zero-percent funding should not be rushed. Rather, it is necessary to examine whether classical financing in this case represents a more favorable solution. It is better to take a witness to the contract. It is essential to inquire about what can possibly lead to additional costs. You should not get involved in additional offers such as credit cards, insurance and special credit lines. If paid additional offers are sold as inclusive in car finance, the term zero-percent financing is not correct.

8. FAQ on zero percent financing

8.1 Is there a right of withdrawal for zero percent financing?

The right of withdrawal depends on the date of conclusion of the loan agreement. If a zero-percent financing was completed before March 21, 2016, no legal right of withdrawal can be used. From the point of view of the Federal Court of Justice (Az. XI ZR 168/13) a free financing is not equivalent to a consumer loan contract.

Thus, the purchase contract can be revoked, a related car loan must be paid in full. Since March 21, 2016, a new regulation of the Lending Law has been in force, which provides for a revocation right for interest-free loans within the legal framework. The contract can be revoked within two weeks. Since with a 0 financing car the purchase and credit agreement does not represent individual transactions as with the normal car loan the case, a revocation of the purchase contract is connected with the revocation of the loan contract.

8.2 Is early redemption of the loan possible?

Yes, a premature repayment of the loan from a zero-percent financing is allowed at any time. Banks are forbidden to charge a prepayment penalty for free loans. Since no interest rate has been agreed, the bank can not incur interest losses. Consumer advocates regard transfer fees or processing fees as inadmissible. The consumer should not engage in any agreements.

8.3 I can not pay the installments – what then?

Contracts without right of withdrawal, concluded before March 21, 2016, may terminate without notice if payment difficulties arise. Afterwards completed car loans can only be terminated if the customer is in arrears with at least two installment payments. In addition, for a financing of up to three years, the residual loan amount must be at least ten percent and moreover five percent of the total amount.

The bank must grant the debtor a period of two weeks to settle outstanding installments. If he allows the deadline to expire, he may terminate the loan. In any case, a late payment entitles the lender to charge default interest and fees.

8.4 Car loan as an alternative to buying a car with zero percent financing

Zero-percentage financing may seem like a number of advantages at first glance, but there are some drawbacks like not paying a cash payer. Who does not want to give up a discount when buying a car, but can not put the purchase price in one fell swoop on the table, can take a installment payment. Possible financing is a car loan or online loan. The interest rates for online loans are favorable, they will be even lower with the inclusion of a special car loan with deposit of the car letter as collateral.

Even if interest rates have to be paid for the normal bank loan, this would more than make up for a high potential cash payer rebate of a few thousand euros. As a cash payer, the customer is always in an advantageous position.

The cost of credit can be easily calculated online using a loan calculator. The desired loan can be arranged individually. The loan installments include all credit costs, so there are no nasty surprises. The underlying effective interest rate makes it possible to compare with other loan offers.

Important: A zero-percent financing may make a car buying tempting. That is no reason to forego the search for suitable alternatives. It is best to calculate several different options. A credit comparison is indispensable for a precise overview. On the basis of individual information, the loan is determined with the most favorable conditions.

9. Conclusion: 0 financing car can be expensive

A loan offer with 0 percent interest promises a customer that its borrowing costs are significantly cheaper than the normal interest-based installment loan. Whether he saves money in reality is not certain. Hidden costs and additional benefits can add significantly to the cost of financing car purchases with 0 percent financing. The car buyer ultimately pays more than with other financing models.

A 0 percent financing offer will usually refer to the vehicle list price. Possible high dealer discounts are not considered. Since the real purchase price for new vehicles is often below the list price, the purchase of cars becomes unnecessarily expensive.

Not every prospective buyer is eligible for a 0 percent financing. For such a loan, the customer must have a good credit rating. New car buyers with sufficient creditworthiness must pay at least a higher down payment.

Apply for a civil servant loan – What is there to pay attention to?


Not only workers and employees, but also civil servants rely on loans to meet minor (or major) needs, have urgent repairs done, or manage acute financial emergencies. However, unlike most other consumers, civil servants can benefit from various benefits that they owe to their protected and highly respected professional environment. Not only do they get their credit at exceptionally low interest rates, but they can usually forego expensive optional add- ons, which are often required by banks for lending. Why is that and how does the application for a civil service loan work? We got to the bottom of these and other questions here.

All facts about the guidebook “official credit” at a glance:

  • As a rule, civil servants earn above-average income and enjoy an almost non-terminable employment relationship
  • For this reason, the risk of an official defaulting on the use of a loan is very low
  • In contrast to the loan for individual entrepreneurs, students civil servants loans are therefore offered by banks
  • Officials benefit from attractive interest rates and can take advantage of their credit without any costly security measures
  • Nevertheless, civil service loans are offered, which are accompanied by life insurance or similar additional offers

1. Why are officials welcome customers from banks?

1. Why are officials welcome customers from banks?

In contrast to entrepreneurs, housewives or students are officials for the banks to the type of customer, often and gladly loans are given. There are many reasons for this, but first and foremost, of course, is the above-average income that long-time civil servants usually receive. Also, the fact that an official is almost non-terminable and usually retains his job for many decades or even his entire working life argues for the award of a loan to a public sector employee.

Thus, the income of an official in the long term is safe, calculable and above average and also a sudden unemployment is very unlikely – optimal conditions for a loan. However, it is not just the borrower who benefits: Banks also assume a low risk of default, which is why civil servants and public employees are among the most welcome customers of banks. Not infrequently, therefore, particularly favorable civil servant loans are offered, which are characterized by some advantages.

Banks usually offer special tariffs only for civil servants as they have a secure job with a calculable, stable and high income. Since civil servants are basically almost irreducible, banks can also benefit from a low risk of default in lending to an official.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of civil servant loans under the magnifying glass

A civil service loan brings benefits in the first place: its stable and predictable income, which minimizes the risk of default, allows civil servants and civil servants to benefit from cheap civil servant loans, which are accompanied by low interest rates and attractive conditions. The reason for this is simple: Through rare dunning procedures, the costs of the banks for a civil service loan are reduced – and this cost savings can be passed on to the customer.

In addition, as civil servants have secure jobs, banks generally refrain from taking additional security measures, such as debt or unemployment insurance. Nonetheless, civil servants do not have to forego the conveniences associated with traditional installment credit: generally, a civil servant’s loan is cheap and has scheduled installments, terms of between 12 and 120 months, net loan amounts of up to € 100,000 and flexible options for special payments, In addition, civil service loans are usually characterized by long maturities, since a sudden unemployment is hardly to be feared. Despite all advantages, a civil servant loan comparison may not be missing if you want to benefit from the best possible conditions. If one has found the optimal provider in this way, one has as a civil servant in the use of a civil servant credit basically nothing to fear disadvantages.

Customers receive favorable civil service loans from providers such as Bank

Civil service loans are characterized by numerous advantages: As a rule, a civil service loan is to have a cheap and also residual debt insurance are hardly required for the lending, whereby the cost factor also decreases significantly. Predictable rates, a high degree of flexibility and long maturities make favorable civil servant loans especially attractive.

3. Civil service loan vs. Official Credit: Where are the differences?

3. Civil service loan vs. Official Credit: Where are the differences?

Civil servant loans and civil service loans – which at first glance seem the same, are distinguished by small and subtle differences. The official loan is the loan we have already described in more detail in our guide: a loan for civil servants and civil servants – no frills and additional offers. Accordingly, this is basically simply an installment loan designed for civil servants as a target group.

When officials loan is instead a loan for civil servants, which is associated with additional services – usually is, this is a life or pension. The entire loan is hereby concluded as a term loan, after which only the interest will be paid during the term, while the actual loan repayment takes place only at the end of the term. At the same time, the customer pays into the life or pension insurance with the same duration and the same amount. However, clients must note in their official credit comparison that the APR contains only the mandatory costs, which the repayment itself does not include. The monthly rate is therefore more meaningful for the provider comparison.

The pure civil service loan is basically a installment loan for civil servants and civil servants who does not need any additional services. In contrast, a civil service loan is offered as a term loan with life or annuity insurance, in which the customer only pays the interest during the term and the repayment of the loan makes only at the end of the term.

4. The application for the civil service loan at a glance


At the beginning of the application is the comparison of providers or bank loan comparison 2019, in which the potential customer subjects the candidate providers to a civil service loan on the basis of their individual requirements. Finally, if he chooses a provider that is low on the risk that the loan could be declined and meets his expectations, he can start the application, provided that he meets the necessary conditions : These requirements are in addition to the age of majority a residence in Germany and also a regular income, a work outside the probationary period, sufficient creditworthiness and a positive Schufa information. In addition, the potential customer must be employed by his current employer for at least three months.

Of course, the actual application process depends on the company itself. But if you want, for example, with the experience Credit Bankive loan gather or take the credit of another popular online bank to complete, you can first make use of the loan calculator shows all the conditions of the loan. If you agree with these conditions, you can usually fill in an online form, whereupon the corresponding loan documents either by post to the customer or sent to download and print out.

If the customer has finally checked his loan documents, he can sign them at the marked points and send them back to the provider. To verify identity, most providers require PostIdent mailing, where the customer presents his identity card and the PostIdent coupon to the nearest post office, where a company employee will verify his or her identity. This step is designed to ensure that no unauthorized person uses a civil service loan on behalf of the potential customer. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, the customer will eventually be credited with his money by instant bank transfer to his account.

If the customer meets the necessary requirements for cheap civil servant credit, he can make the first step on the way to credit with a provider comparison. Then he can make an overview of the conditions with the loan calculator and, if necessary, can be forwarded directly to the online form. Once completed and signed, it must be sent to the company – for new customers in conjunction with the PostIdent legitimation process. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, the customer will be credited with his civil service credit to his account.

5. Conclusion: Officials enjoy special advantages in lending

5. Conclusion: Officials enjoy special advantages in lending

In concluding, we can state that civil servants can benefit from various benefits when applying for a loan. Since they have a stable and almost non-terminable job, as well as a high and predictable income, civil servants hold a minimal risk for banks, so they can offer attractive terms for the civil service loan. Also residual debt insurance, which would also increase the cost, are not an issue here. However, civil servant loans often go hand in hand with a life or pension insurance and are finally calculated. In addition, the application for a civil service loan hardly differs from the application for a regular loan, since customers have to fill out here only an online form and the company must then submit the completed and signed application.

Loans from individuals

Five tips for the lending business among individuals

If a need for money or investment requires a loan to be taken, it does not necessarily have to be requested from a bank. Even private investors can act as lenders and ensure that a lending business is created among private individuals. A loan from private individuals is completely freely negotiable in terms of its terms, so you can arrange interest rate, maturity, repayment and much more in coordination with the private investor.

However, many things should be considered, for example, when borrowing money from a friend or within the family, otherwise it can quickly lead to quarrels and legal disputes.

What is meant by a loan from private individuals?

What is meant by a loan from private individuals?

If the lender is not a bank, but a private person – so in the loan jargon is spoken by a lending business between individuals. Any person of legal age and legal age may borrow money from another private individual or may issue a loan as a private investor. Loans from private donors are mainly within the family, for example, when parents lend their son or daughter money for building a house. The loans of the private persons can be agreed either interest-free or with an arbitrarily high interest rate. This is particularly attractive because private investors can opt for a condition regardless of the interest rate market. In addition, there is no need for a private credit or credit check on a lending business among individuals. The entire lending business can be made 100% free, regardless of whether the private lender is a family member, friend, work colleague or a hitherto unknown private individual.

What are the legal requirements for a private loan?

Legally, private loans are largely unregulated, so there are no explicit laws for this type of loan. A lending business among private individuals can basically be completed verbally or by handshake, whereby there are of course no securities and evidence for borrowers and lenders without a written contract. Consumer protection is also not responsible for private lending, so although private lending is legal and legally permissible, lending privately to privately is always risky. So it may be that you will be loaned to family members without a contract as a gift. If in doubt, you are in the burden of proof. For this reason alone, we recommend the loan agreement.

These things should be considered in a lending business between individuals

These things should be considered in a lending business between individuals

For example, if you want to borrow 10,000 euros from your aunt or a friend, you should prepare this private loan transaction well with the respective lender. This means that, with the involvement of a notary, you should in any case draw up a legally binding contract that contains all the “key data” for the planned lending business. Here are typical things like the amount of the loan amount, the agreed term and the amount of the monthly repayment rate important. Of course, the interest rate must be fixed in writing, so it can not cause problems later. If both parties agree on an interest-free loan, this should also be recorded in writing. According to the well-known proverb “Money stops friendship”, the credit agreement established with the notary constitutes an important security for both parties. Private money lending often causes annoyance in the course of its term, so that it can be trusted even if the borrower and the lender are involved Relationship exists, can certainly cause problems. This risk is in any case reduced by an existing credit agreement, since both sides can rely on the rights and obligations of the contract during their term.

Five tips for the lending business among individuals

1) A private lending business should under no circumstances be planned and executed without a valid notary contract.

2) The private investor must be aware that he must tax the interest on the loan granted as part of his income from capital assets.

3) An interest-free personal loan should only be chosen in exceptional cases. During the term can quickly encounter the problem that the private lender misses a return and wishes to have the money of the respective lending rather preferred to have created normally. At an interest rate of 1.00%, for example, the borrower still saves a lot of money, but the lender also has a measurable return in euros, which is currently well above the conservative interest rate.

4) A full special repayment right should always be granted. The borrower should have at all times the possibility to “cancel” the private loan by returning the balance to the private investor. The commitment to a fixed term can cause a lot of trouble, which should be prevented in view of the interpersonal relationship in any case.

5) Before the private lending business comes to fruition, both sides should sit together and, like a traditional credit, review the credit worthiness of the borrower and talk about their monthly incomes. This gives the lender a better feeling and assurance that the agreed monthly installment is sustainable in any case. If you trust each other so much that you agree to a private loan, then both sides should be open and honest with each other.

With the right preparation

A loan from private individuals can work well, but in any case it requires some preparation. Both parties should be honest and open about the proposed money lending, regardless of whether the parties involved are family members, friends or other individuals. For this, a notary appointment should always be agreed to create a legally binding contract. This contract should include all credit details, such as loan amount and interest rate. Only then both parties have a certain security and can approach the private money lending with a good feeling.

Is it possible to get loans in 10 minutes in Mexico?

In 2016 there was an increase in loans in 10 minutes in Mexico, but during 2017 the largest increases in their application are being recorded. This is due to different personal situations such as, for example, the breakdown of the car, the payment of the university studies of the son, the summer camp, the mortgage, the bills, the breakage of a pipeline, the holidays so longed for that few times we can enjoy, the discounts, unexpected wedding gifts… Numerous are the reasons why online loans are requested in Mexico.

What are the reasons for applying for loans in 10 minutes in Mexico?

There are many advantages when requesting fast money instantly through the internet. There is no paperwork, there is no waste of time, there is no need to wait for long lines, or perform procedures to justify everything that is needed.

If you want to know more about the reasons for applying for a loan in 10 minutes, stay tuned and do not stop reading.

Faster and more urgent loans

Nowadays, it often costs us a lot to save money, we are not too far-sighted and we are used to living in the “here and now”. For this reason, when we are caught in the middle of an unforeseen event, we usually need the money as soon as possible and we can not wait to carry out the long procedures of the banking entities.

Many times we resort to our bank card, to our relatives, acquaintances and even work colleagues, to try to end that which worries us so much economically. Although, these people are not always available or are in the best financial conditions when we need them.

For this reason, the online credit comparison of our website has become the best help for the user. Quickly, in just a few minutes, you can track what loans are the best, what amounts are available, at what interest, and when to return them comfortably and appropriately.

Availability 24 hours

In addition, another great advantage of online loans in Mexico is that in just 10 minutes you can know if they accept the money request. It does not matter what your situation is, nor any particular case. You can always have credit 24 hours a day, from your home, easily and conveniently.

Our team works for you. You will not have to compare the credits and loans of the market, because we do it in your place. And, in addition, through our website you can request the money that most convinces you. As simple as that!

Very basic requirements to apply for loans in 10 minutes

Normally banks take a long time to grant the money that people need to cover their needs or get out of their contingencies. So it is very complicated to meet all your requirements: have an endorsement that ensures that the money is going to be returned or that, if not, it will compensate the amount of money available; have a fixed and stable income, usually from a work contract or payroll; a pension and justifications for what you want to get that person loan, as well as demonstrations of the truth of what is being told.

For that reason, they becomes an excellent alternative to these people. We offer a quick comparison without questions of the normal credits and loans for housewives that are available in the market, so that you can decide calmly if they convince you or not. There are no traps or second intentions, in a clear and transparent way you will see everything you need.

Our clients’ opinions on loans in Mexico

In order to create a more trusting relationship between our clients and our team, we have a section of opinions and suggestions available. This way, everyone can see how we work, without the need for us to justify our great work. These are some of the most recent comments:

“Thanks to the comparator of the company I found a much better price than what my bank offered me. Not only a more competitive interest rate, but also a larger economic amount and return comfortably without having to worry about not having endorsement. They were the solution to my situation. I was able to apply for loans for housewives in Mexico “María, 32 years old. Housewife and entrepreneur.

“Not know what to do. I had no payroll, no endorsement, but a recurring income every month. Thanks to us offered me the best price, you can request a fully customized online credit. Without a doubt, he works with the best companies in loans. I recommend it 100%! “Romualdo, 50 years old. Welder.

If you have any questions about our lenders, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you and find the best credit for your particular situation.

Automobile Club Car Loan Credit Experience

3. Our credit example: This is what the Automobile Club car loan looks like

The Automobile Club has been known for years as a reliable breakdown helper for car problems in distress – until the company was finally talked about by scandals. How did these scandals affect the Automobile Club car loan and how attractive are the conditions? Is it worth thinking about an Automobile Club car loan? These and other questions we want to answer here in our Automobile Club car loan test!

But what else is behind the offer of the Automobile Club?? Our Automobile Club car loan test reveals it!

1. Our Automobile Club car loan test: pros and cons at a glance

1. Our Automobile Club car loan test: pros and cons at a glance

  • Loans are granted by Gradibank Berlin
  • Toll-free special repayments
  • Payments can be suspended in an emergency
  • Support is easy to reach
  • Low interest rates between 3.49 percent and 3.99 percent
  • Average maturities and credit limits
  • No loans for students or self-employed

The Automobile Club car loan was particularly convincing in the test by a customer-friendly service offer: Special repayments are possible free of charge, in case of an emergency payments can also be suspended and in case of questions and problems also a German-speaking customer support is easily accessible.

Also in terms of conditions and security of the Automobile Club car loan to convince: loans are granted by the Gradibank Berlin and interest rates are between 3.49 and 3.99 percent pa. As our Automobile Club car loan experience has shown, however, are no loans to students or self-employed and also terms and lines of credit are with 12 – 84 months and 2.500 – € 50,000 rather than average to call.

2. The 10 most important credit terms for the customer

2. The 10 most important credit terms for the customer

  • Credit line between 2,500 euros and 50,000 euros
  • Interest rates between 3.49 percent and 3.99 percent
  • Maturities between 12 and 84 months
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Payment of installments for involuntary unemployment of up to 12 months
  • Toll-free special repayments
  • In the event of death, outstanding installments will be taken over
  • Waiting period of 6 weeks after conclusion of the contract for assumption of installments in case of illness or unemployment
  • Staggered terms of 12 months each
  • Free suspension of payments in case of emergency

3. Our credit example: This is what the Automobile Club car loan looks like

Loan amount net 10,000 euros
running time 60 months
Tied debit interest pa 3.44 percent
Effective annual interest rate 3.49 percent
Paid interest 1,871.13 euros

Assuming an Automobile Club car loan in the amount of 10,000 euros and decides for a period of 60 months, an annual percentage rate of 3.49 percent is calculated. In the end, the interest paid amounts to € 1,871.13, as our Automobile Club Car Loan Test has shown.

4. What Automobile Club car loan experience could we collect?

4. What Automobile Club car loan experience could we collect?

Credit offer: Only car loans are available

Potential borrowers should be aware from the outset that Automobile Club will only grant auto loans. In view of the fact that the General German Automobile Club (Automobile Club) acts exclusively as a traffic club, this fact is by no means surprising. Instead, customers or members of the Automobile Club can look forward to the opportunity to conclude a car loan at the Automobile Club and thus not dependent on third-party providers.

The Automobile Club does not have a particularly extensive loan offer to show: Only car loans are available here. However, since the Automobile Club primarily acts as a traffic club, this is by no means surprising.

The loan conditions are quite customer friendly

In the area of ​​credit terms, customers accumulate experience with low interest rates and average maturities and credit lines with Automobile Club Car Loan: The annual percentage interest on an Automobile Club car loan is between 3.49 percent and 3.99 percent and depends on the duration of the Automobile Club car loan 12 and 84 months may be. While some of the competitors’ terms are up to 120 months, this offer is rather average for Automobile Club Bank – as is the credit line, which ranges between € 2,500 and € 50,000. However, a car, a caravan or a motorcycle should be able to be financed with an Automobile Club car loan at this level, as our test has shown.

In the Automobile Club car loan test, we were able to state that the loan terms can be described as customer-friendly: Interest rates are between 3.49 percent and 3.99 percent and are based on the term of the loan, which can be between 12 and 84 months. However, the credit line ranges between € 2,500 and € 50,000, as our experience with the Automobile Club car loan has shown.

The conditions of the ADAC car loan

The conditions of the Automobile Club car loan at a glance

Again, students and the self-employed go out empty

Pupils, students and self-employed persons who would like to take out a loan to finance a car will unfortunately not find what they are looking for at Automobile Club: The requirements for an Automobile Club car loan are membership in the Automobile Club, a residence in Germany, majority and last but not least also a permanent job outside the probationary period or a pension that is claimed. For students, the self-employed and therefore no credit is offered at Automobile Club, as our experience with the Automobile Club car loan has shown.

Since a fixed-term job outside the probationary period or a pension is a precondition for an Automobile Club car loan, the Automobile Club does not offer loans to students, students or the self-employed.

The website is rather confusing

Customers are gaining experience with Automobile Club Car Loan with a rather cluttered website, which makes it difficult for the potential borrower to find information on the Automobile Club car loan. Since the loan offer can not be found on a separate website but has also been deposited on the regular Automobile Club website, customers must first move into the “Automobile Club Products” area, where they will find the car loan under “Financial Services”.

Alternatively, you can of course also a search engine like Google entrusted with the search for the “Automobile Club car loan” and can be forwarded directly to the car loan. However, when they arrive at the site, potential borrowers are also looking in vain for a loan calculator, because instead of such a calculator, a table has been placed on the company’s website telling the client how high its interest rate on the loan is.

Customers can find the Automobile Club car loan on the Automobile Club website in the “Automobile Club Products” section under “Financial Services”. Alternatively, customers can be guided by a search engine to the right area – a loan calculator, however, they are looking for in vain in this case.

The website of the ADAC

The website of the Automobile Club car loan is not well developed

Loans are granted by Gradibank Berlin

The Automobile Club car loans are granted by Gradibank Berlin. This credit institution is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which is known for reliability and trustworthiness and promises a respectable handling of customer funds and data. However, information about deposit insurance and the security mechanisms of the Company’s Web site is in vain for customers – it may be advisable to consult with customer support about these issues. Although we were able to rate the company’s BaFin regulation positively in the Automobile Club test, the lack of transparency with regard to deposit insurance and security does not contribute to a good test result.

The Automobile Club car loans are granted by Gradibank Berlin, which is regulated by BaFin. However, information on deposit insurance and collateral is in vain for customers on the company’s website.

The Automobile Club has a wide range of services to offer

With the Automobile Club car loan, customers gain experience with a particularly extensive range of services, which cover various areas and cover all Automobile Club-typical questions and problems around cars and road traffic. If one does not find what one is looking for in this service offer, one can instead turn directly to the German-speaking customer support of the company, which can be reached by mail, telephone, post and various social networks – and not only with questions about the Automobile Club car loan, but also in case of breakdowns on the highway.

The service offered by the Automobile Club is particularly extensive and covers various areas. Customers can expect help from customer support via e-mail, telephone, post and social networks, not only for questions about Automobile Club car loans, but also for car breakdowns.

Automobile Club Apply for a loan directly from the Automobile Club

5. What do experts say about the Automobile Club car loan?

5. What do experts say about the Automobile Club car loan?

Even experts have been able to formulate their opinion on the Automobile Club car loan so far, which is why the company has already received several awards for its financing offer. Among the awards Automobile Club has received so far for its car loan are, for example, the € uro am Sonntag awards and customer service awards, as well as a 1.4 from the Verivox comparison portal for product and service. In particular, the service offer of the company seems to have done to the experts, as we also noted in our Automobile Club car loan test.

6. Our rating in short conclusion to the test

6. Our rating in short conclusion to the test

We were able to score the Automobile Club’s car loan at $ 2.4, primarily due to the numerous benefits we were able to keep in the test – but these benefits were overshadowed by some of the disadvantages the company has in its car loan business. These disadvantages include, first and foremost, the average maturities and lines of credit that could not convince in the test, while also the fact that the Automobile Club car loan is not available to students or self-employed. For this, customers benefit from loans from Gradibank Berlin, which are accompanied by toll-free special repayments and easy-to-reach customer support. The rates that can be suspended in an emergency are calculated on the basis of low interest rates of between 3.49 and 3.99 percent – and this also allows for toll-free special repayment.

7. The 5 most important questions and answers about the offer

7. The 5 most important questions and answers about the offer

 What are the interest rates?

The amount of interest is dependent on the length of the term of the Automobile Club car loan: With a term between 12 and 60 months, the effective interest rate is still 3.49 percent pa – if you want to have his loan, however, 72 or 84 months run You can expect an interest rate of 3.99 percent pa

What are the requirements for an Automobile Club car loan?

To be eligible for an Automobile Club car loan, the customer must meet the following requirements:

  • (Automobile ClubPlus) membership at the Automobile Club
  • Residence in Germany
  • majority
  • Permanent job outside the probation period or pension

Is there a residual credit insurance?

The Automobile Club car loan can be taken up by a comprehensive residual credit insurance, which promises a takeover of the monthly rate of disability, unemployment and death.

The residual credit insurance of the ADAC car loan

There is also a residual credit insurance for the Automobile Club car loan

How flexible is the Automobile Club car loan?

The Automobile Club car loan is characterized by a high degree of flexibility: In financial emergencies, installment payments can be suspended and even full or partial special repayments are possible free of charge, as our experience with the Automobile Club car loan has shown.

How safe is the Automobile Club car loan?

As the Automobile Club car loan is granted by Gradibank Berlin, customers can assume safe handling of their capital and their data: Gradibank Berlin is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, which is known for reliability and seriousness. However, customers can not find information on the deposit insurance and the security of the Automobile Club car loan from the company’s website – in this case, it may be worthwhile to contact the customer support of the provider and to obtain information here.

Real estate loan over 35 years – 110% possible without contribution – amortization over 35 years


You have always wanted to own, you are thinking of buying a property but have no money available. If, for a long time, the personal contribution was the essential condition to obtain a mortgage, times change. While interest rates remain very attractive, it is now possible to borrow without contribution.

You are first-time buyer and you have no personal contribution, we can offer you a loan at 110%, allowing you to finance the entire purchase of your future property plus financing ancillary costs (notary, agency…).

The lack of personal contribution is no longer a brake on your purchase, the possibility of borrowing without contribution exists and Credit Media can offer it to you by financing the contribution often mandatory and corresponding to 10% of the purchase price. Over a period of up to 35 years this can open doors for you! And without changing banks!

Here is clearly what we offer for your mortgage on 35 years, without contribution:

Here is clearly what we offer for your mortgage on 35 years, without contribution:

• We want a contact by phone or internet quickly, to understand your wishes and the details of your purchase.

• You will then receive an admissibility (or refusal) with your new monthly fee all expenses included in the hour, as well as login and password to scan us easily your documents.

• You will accept or not to return the credit offer you will receive very quickly (directly from the bank), we will have chosen it together as being the most interesting for you.

• The offer of credit in hand is valid between 1 and 2 months, at this stage you are not engaged, you have the solution under the elbow, for free, and by returning it signed for agreement to the bank your project will be able to achieve. After this period, the offer will be automatically canceled, without any cost.

• You do not change banks. The monthly payments will be deducted from your usual account. Your information and proof will only be sent to our partner banks ( we do not sell them as the “comparators” do ). No money will go through us.

Maximum duration: over 35 years
From 18 to 95 years old age limit of end of credit.

You have a withdrawal period of 14 days following the signing of your contract to renounce your credit. The lower monthly payment leads to the lengthening of the repayment period. It must be assessed in relation to the remaining duration to be covered by the loans that are the subject of the combination. A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Apply for bankruptcy despite insolvency – Private insolvency loan?

For many individuals and entrepreneurs, bankruptcy means a departure from short-term liquidity. Insolvent clients do not receive any credit from the banks. In order to fulfill a loan despite personal bankruptcy his desire or perhaps to be able to build a business, more and more victims search in order to lend money despite private insolvency. There are different ways.

  • Important: Entrepreneurs can only take out a new loan with the help of the insolvency administrator
  • The attachable amounts should not be exceeded when borrowing
  • A loan despite personal bankruptcy is usually provided by private banks
  • Credit intermediaries without Private credit are another option

But what is behind the possibility of a loan despite insolvency? Our guidebook on the subject of credit despite insolvency reveals it!

P2P loan brokers: Credit despite personal bankruptcy so it is possible

The so-called P2P credit intermediaries enjoy great popularity today. The abbreviation “P2P” stands for the mediation of private to private. Since only very few banks provide a loan despite personal bankruptcy, private credit is a possible alternative. Suppliers such as Auxmoney, Lendico and Smava work on a similar principle. The private person in bankruptcy makes a free loan application and indicates here the desired reason as well as the intended use. If an investor finds himself, the money is in the account within a few days. In this case, fees are payable to the P2P intermediary. If there is no investor, the request remains free.

Check the creditworthiness on the way!

The advantages of P2P intermediaries are:

  • No request at the bank necessary
  • Possibility of loan approval despite insolvency
  • Fast payment of the sum of money
  • Early repayment possible without additional fees
  • Relatively favorable interest rates

The disadvantages of P2P agents are:

  • Risk of high debt due to missing credit checks
  • Sometimes certain Private credit scorings are required
  • No credit guarantee for portals operating on a good credit rating basis
  • No assurance that an investor will find one

Who wants to apply for a loan despite bankruptcy, is not wrong with the P2P credit intermediaries. Despite existing disadvantages, there is the possibility to borrow money despite personal bankruptcy.

The short-term alternative: micro-credits for small sums

Sometimes only a short amount of money is needed to bridge a bottleneck that has come to an end within a few weeks. Borrowing money despite personal bankruptcy is possible with microcredit donors such as Vexcash or Xpresskredit. The sums usually vary and are between 500 and 3,000 euros. The money will only be made available for a short period of time, for example for 30 or 60 days. After the deadline, the amount is to be repaid directly and with interest.

The Benefits of Microcredit Donors:

  • Receive fast money at short notice
  • Depending on the provider credit without Private credit request possible
  • Short maturities
  • Low interest rates compared to the classic bank

The disadvantages of microcredit donors:

  • Fees are due upon conclusion of the contract
  • The short maturities can quickly lead to debt
  • Only limited amounts possible
  • No redemption in installments possible

Are credit intermediaries without Private credit serious?

In order to get a loan despite personal bankruptcy, or to be able to borrow money despite private insolvency, many affected people turn to non-Private credit credit intermediaries, and providers like Bon-Kredit and Maxda advertise with the promise that everyone can get a loan. Again, the requests are free. If they are granted, a payment amount may be due to the provider. In order to apply for a loan without Private credit it is necessary to prove a regular income. The advantage of this is that the loan is not noted after approval in the Private credit. However, interest rates are often significantly higher for non-Private credit credit intermediaries than for a bank’s current loans. This serves as a hedge for the lender.

Cheap instant loans without Schufa at MAXDA

Online pawn shops as an alternative?

To avoid the credit, it is also possible to avail online pawn shops. An example of such a provider is iPfand. The functionality is simple:

  1. Offer valuable item and wait for the offer
  2. Accept offer, have item picked up and receive money
  3. Settle the mortgage and get the item back

A disadvantage with this variant is the possible loss of the valuable object, if the Pfandkredit can not be repaid.

Conclusion: borrow money despite personal bankruptcy – negative Private credit no problem

For a loan despite personal bankruptcy or to borrow money despite Priavtinsolvenz there are several options. If advantages and disadvantages are balanced against each other, P2P loans, microcredits or even online pawnshops offer a good alternative to borrow money despite private insolvency.

While online pawnshops are more suited to short-term payment bottlenecks, microcredit and P2P concepts also offer longer-term alternatives.