Apply for loan online: For comparison with 41 providers

 Apply for credit online

The Internet makes it possible that it is no longer necessary to apply for a loan directly from the bank.

This is now online. However, a good comparison can not hurt.

  • Interest rates can be saved with an online loan comparison
  • Loans without a Schufa query are also available online
  • Also when online application documents must be sent
  • Online there are not only classic loans but also mortgage lending

What should be considered when making an online loan application?

Long discussions with the bank adviser, the difficulty of finding a suitable date and perhaps also the way to different banks are now a thing of the past. If you need money today, you can simply apply for a loan online. Many large banks are now offering this service, and with increasing interest from borrowers, the number of small lenders has also increased. But what really matters when applying for a loan on the internet?

Who wants to apply for a loan on the Internet, should pay attention to some important points:

1. Seriousness in the foreground

Not all credit providers on the Internet are serious. Some lenders take high interest rates or tie customers to contracts that make it hard for them to get out. Also processing fees are often required, although this is no longer allowed. A comparison of the individual providers can help to recognize serious offers.

2. Keep an eye on costs

Basically, an online loan costs no more than the credit at the bank. Again, the legal requirement that processing fees may not be charged. An important clue is interest rates. These can vary greatly with the individual providers. A comparison of the providers provides an objective picture. However, the interest rates are also dependent on your own creditworthiness and can therefore still be adjusted.

3. Select the loan type

Unlike the application in the bank there is no direct online consultation for the customer. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what loan it should be. There are special car or residential loans but also general loans. Partly, the types of loans differ in terms of their terms, interest rates and also the amounts available. If you invest a little time and see the possibilities at a glance, it is easier to find the right loan.

The difference to the branch loan

Applying for a loan online does not just mean saving your way to the bank. Of course, there are above all the possibilities of not having to leave the house and being able to apply for a loan at any time of the day. However, there is another point that is particularly important: Often the interest rates are cheaper online. This is related to the missing consultant. With the online loan, lenders save the cost of personal advisor and can offer more favorable terms. For this it is necessary to invest more time to find the right loan. The procedure for the application is then usually similar.

  1. The desired loan amount is specified
  2. A non-binding offer will be made available
  3. When applying, the personal details are entered
  4. After giving the personal details, there is a binding offer
  5. Necessary documents, such as the legitimacy and the proof of income as well as the credit agreement, must be sent in the original to the lender
  6. After successful examination the money is paid out

The fast credit calculation with BestCredit

Recommendation on the subject: A reputable and popular comparison for loans or loans can also be found on On this portal you will find detailed information about installment loans, instant loans, auto loans, small loans, personal loans and loans. After comparing numerous loans, you can apply for the desired loan there . Furthermore, the local credit comparison offers an immediate promise with payment promise.

Also, an online loan is not transferred directly to the account but takes a few days until approval.

The SWK Bank also offers online loans

Conclusion: Applying for a loan online has many advantages

Applying for an online loan is a good alternative to the classic branch loan. An objective credit comparison helps to find the cheapest provider. In addition, you save the way to the bank branch and can apply for the loan at any time of the day.

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