Apply for low-income loan – the best provider?

 Credit for low-income earners

There is hardly a human being who does not have any wishes that ultimately can only be met with money. Since only the fewest high amounts of money are available right away, it is usually thought about a loan. The granting of a loan is subject to many conditions and, above all, low-income earners hardly see a chance to get a loan. There are now many providers that provide a loan for low-income earners.

Important about the best loan offer for low earners

  • Particularly low annual interest rates from 2.99 percent 
  • Loan already possible from 2,500 euros
  • Flexible terms
  • No processing fee

At ING-DiBa, borrowers can save

What makes a loan for low-income earners?

The low income group includes, for example, students or the unemployed. These are usually not taken into account when lending. A regular income at a certain level is expected to be guaranteed to be repaid. However, there are some providers and banks that offer loans specifically geared towards low-income earners. Such a loan usually differs in its terms from a classic loan. Most interest rates are higher than those of a client with sufficient income. The terms are usually limited to a maximum of 36 months and the maximum loan amount is usually 3,000 euros. A positive Private credit rating is also one of the requirements for a loan approval.

Anyone who chooses to take advantage of a low-income loan should, if possible, refrain from arranging long-term loans. Customers who commit themselves for several years run a greater risk of being able to serve the rates at some point. Usually you can not plan in advance and there is always the possibility that, for example, you lose the job or unforeseen financial burdens on you.

The test winner will be introduced

Metabank was founded back in 1965. The company operates as a public limited company and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Originally, the company focused on savings and asset accumulation of its customers. In the meantime, numerous loan offers are also included. These include, for example, the general loan, the installment loan, car loans and a residential loan. Of course, customers will also find numerous insurance offers, cards and opportunities for investments.

Credit for low earners in comparison: Metabank scores!

According to our research, Metabank has a very favorable credit for low earners. Borrowers can already borrow up to 2,500 euros. The terms are very flexible and are between 12 months and 96 months. Here, however, as already mentioned, it is advisable not to commit too long to the loan. Of course, the amount of the APR is particularly important for a loan. Metabank already offers interest rates starting at 2.99 per cent per annum and thus operates in an absolutely low framework.

Our test winner offers the cheap loan offer for example for the purchase of a car. Who wants to use the attractive installment loan for low-income earners, has an effective annual interest rate of 3.79 percent. The advantage: the installment loan can be used without specifying the intended purpose.

Our conclusion: Good conditions even for low-income earners

The company can convince above all with its low annual interest rate and the fact that also amounts of money from 2,500 euros can be borrowed.
The bank is also convinced of its unbeatable offer and offers a low-interest-rate guarantee.

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