Samsara’s AI Dash Cams put an end to misrepresentation of insurance

A rear view camera is always a good idea for cars and commercial vehicles. But multiple cameras – side, rear, and interior – are even better. Samsara has developed a new product that connects all of these camera feeds to the company’s Connected Operations Cloud. And with the Samsara system, you can use your existing cameras.

When combined with Samsara AI Dash Cameras, customers enjoy 360-degree visibility in a single dashboard. This increased visibility combined with cloud connectivity gives managers immediate access to video footage and exonerates drivers of misrepresentation.

Cameras don’t lie

“We can now seamlessly integrate our existing cameras with Samsara’s platform, quickly retrieve video footage via the cloud within minutes, and significantly reduce our volume of backup incidents and associated payments,” said Sajid Ordagic, Head of Security at Rasmussen Group, a Heavy construction company based in Iowa.

Trucking companies large and small can face a deluge of insurance claims and lawsuits, ranging from backup incidents and side slips to major accidents. Without cameras, proof of innocence is difficult to obtain. But, according to Ordagic, his company has seen a 30% reduction in backup incidents since installing Samsara camera connectors and hopes to save $ 30,000 by exempting drivers from misrepresentation.

Coach the drivers

And cameras aren’t just for recording accidents, they’re also useful for coaching drivers and improving their driving habits. This means that safety officials can take advantage of the side, rear and interior images when coaching drivers, contributing to an enhanced experience as drivers cone clearly see how their actions in the cab affect the area around the truck.

Superior Plus Propane, a propane distributor serving 24 states in the United States with 2,300 trucks and more than 1,000 drivers, supports its drivers with the Samsara system. “Having the camera connector will allow us to sit in our drivers’ seats and walk in their shoes. This will give us a much clearer picture of their exposure and the dangers they face, ”said Ryan Quiggle, director of health and safety.

Without the need to tear out and replace existing camera systems, customers using Camera Connector can also benefit from installation efficiencies. According to the company, the Samsara camera connector system can be installed in as little as 20 minutes, six times faster than replacing all old cameras.